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98 Automotive
Scopemeter Series II

Even Better. The Fluke 98 Series II Automotive ScopeMeter®

Now it's easier than ever — with the new Fluke 98 Series II Automotive ScopeMeter®. The fastest, simplest way to capture waveforms and detect intermittent problems.

The Fluke 98 Series II combines a two-channel lab scope, engine analyzer, flight recorder and digital multimeter into one easy-to-use handheld tool designed to mirror your diagnostic approach. In straight, no-nonsense car talk. So you can skip the training and set-up time of an ordinary scope and get directly to a quick, precise analysis. With the help of smart features you just won't find anywhere else. And portability that makes the Fluke 98 as indispensable for road tests as it is in your shop.

Automated Sensor Tests
The 98 utilizes a simple keypad and menu system that uses familiar automotive terms. You don’t need to bescope jockey to operate this one. Select the signal you wish to see and the 98 figures it out from there. The 98 can even track on changing signals, things like changes in RPM automatically!!!

Engine Analyzer Functions
Not only does the 98 make measurements and display waveforms, it performs many automated tests. The kind of tests that have previously been available only on large console-type engine analyzers. Things like: Battery Condition, Charging, Cranking, Relative Compression just to name a few.

Works on 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 cylinder cars, 2 or 4 stroke, diesel and gasoline engines, DIS, conventional and coil-on-plug systems, and 6, 12 or 24V electrical systems.

An available accessory for the Fluke 98 ScopeMeter II is the
DIS90 Distributorless Ignition System Parade Adapter



PLOT READINGS                                                             MIN/MAX TRENDPLOT


Plot Readings takes up to 4 parameters             Find any dropouts in sensor signals such as

of the signal and plots them over time.                 MAF, MAP, ABS and more. Easily displays

Look at things as secondary ignition on               the occurrence of any glitch shorted to ground,

a road test and watch the spark voltage,             shorted to power, or even opens.

RPM, burn time, and burn voltage vary                 Records glitches as brief as 40 billionths of a

under different conditions.                                      second on any digital signal. Finds problems

                                                                                  that other scopes and graphical multimeters





FLIGHT RECORD                                                             INTERMITTENT RECORD




On a road test, after you feel the stumble,          The Intermittent Record mode seamlessly

or hesitation, just press any key to stop              records the signal as it appears on the display

recording. You can capture the signal and         like an endless loop VCR tape You can record.

signal data for up to 40 screen snapshots          up to 1280 divisons on a single channel, or 64                   

in memory, like a motor drive camera with         divisions on 2 channels. The recording time

an endless film loop.The recorded information  can vary from 6 seconds to 21 hours, depending

can then be replayed just as it occurred.             upon the time base selected.

Each screen also provides the actual

calculated values for each parameter.

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